It's important to us to reward our devoted Humidity Lifestyle customers.
That's why we've created the Humidity Loyalty Program.

Joining our loyalty program is completely free and it's so easy to use.
For every dollar you spend online you receive one point - it's that simple!

Your points are accumulated into different valued discount codes. (see below)

You can use your loyalty discount code with any online purchase (except during site-wide promotions)
You'll get an email when you've earnt a new discount reward - to check your balance just sign in to your account using the widget on the website.

Your points NEVER expire, so either save up for one big discount - or use several small ones, it's up to you.

Purchasing our gorgeous clothing online isn't the only way to collect points. Find our more ways to earn points by scrolling down...

Psst... Just made an order and missed out on points? Don't worry - just email us at websales@humiditylifestyle.com and we'll manually add the points for your recent order. You can also send us an email if any of this sounds confusing - we're here to help!

Last but not least - sign up now and receive 50 points as a thank you for joining!


100 POINTS = 5% OFF

Receive a 5% discount code when you've earned 100 points

200 POINTS = 10% OFF

Receive a 10% discount code when you've earned 200 points

400 POINTS = 20% OFF

Receive a 20% discount code when you've earned 400 points

Sign up to the loyalty program

50 points

follow us on instagram

15 points (must be done through the widget)


15 points (must be done through the widget)

review your purchase

Each product review = 30 points