Lovely, Lavender & Local! Corynne's Natural Skincare

Lovely, Lavender & Local! Corynne's Natural Skincare

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This week we caught up with Elise from Corrynne’s Natural Skincare, an absolute favourite amongst the locals. Corrynne started out making natural soaps from her home in Fremantle and selling at local markets. Elise (Corrynne’s sister) joined the firm in 1998 and they began to expand the range to include other skincare products.  What we really love is that the products are all made from good old-fashioned plant-based recipes that are not harmful to the body or the environment. These guys are kicking major goals in regards to sustainability and have some incredible products which offer amazing health benefits   


Walking into the store is an experience in itself. Possibly the friendliest store in town, but definitely the nicest smelling!  The store and of course products make you instantly relax, in fact sometimes we just go in there and hang out because it’s so good. They are located a block away from us, but those beautiful essential oils infuse the air and we all agree it’s a lovely way to start the day. We quite possibly have the nicest smelling industrial area in the world! We sat down with Elise to get some inside info on her favourite products and their benefits.


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Where does the abundance of knowledge behind the products come from?

When formulating a new product I research similar products online and look at their ingredients. Where there are chemical ingredients I swap these out with a natural alternative.  There’s a great website called ‘Truth in Ageing’ that explains whether an ingredient is toxic and what it is used for.  We do lots of test batches and try it out on ourselves and friends.  Make sure it stands up to different temperatures and feels great on the skin. 



We noticed you have a lot of lavender products - can you tell us about the benefits of using lavender products?

Lavender is referred to as ‘natures medicine chest’ because it has so many benefits. Including wound healing, skin cell renewal, helps with fungal infections by destroying fungal cells, it calms stress and anxiety and also has a really lovely smell.  We use a blend of two types of lavender, spike and Mt Blanc which combined make a lovely floral, sweet smell. They are grown in their country of origin which are Spain and France for maximum potency. Essential oils are added to formulations when they have cooled to about 40 degrees so that none of the benefits are destroyed.  Essential oils like lavender are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic which helps products from going mouldy.



What are the first five products you would recommend?

Lavender Soap – Super fatted soap that is moisturising to the skin.

Face Wash – Just 4 simple ingredients: clay, water, olive oil, lavender oil.

Deodorant – A paste that really truly works, made with clays, bi-carbonate of soda, sunflower, arrowroot, healing oils and essential oils that help with BO.

Mature Skin Moisturiser – Plant oils, butters, waxes and beautiful aroma of lavender and rose geranium.

Hand & Body Wash – If you only like a liquid soap this one has a gorgeous aroma of lavender, patchouli, rose geranium and peru balsam (smells like musk lollies) Plant based no nasties.


Can you share your favourite natural beauty tips and secrets?

Wash your face every day! I use our soap and our face wash with pumice if I've put sunscreen or makeup on. Use an oil on your face and moisturiser on your arms, legs and body.  Use a natural sunscreen on your face every day – a nice natural one like ‘Wotnot”. Avoid petroleum based products or any product that you don’t understand the ingredients. The usual; water, fresh food, limit alcohol and enough sleep.  Exercise to the point of sweating. I also love those needle rollers, I really think they work, they pierce the skin to promote collagen to heal the tiny holes – it improves your complexion if you use it once a week.


Do you have any projects coming up you want to talk about?

We will be putting our moisturiser into jars with metal lids so that we aren’t selling plastic pumps.  We have been eliminating plastic out of our packaging over the last few years, and if we have a product that is still in a plastic bottle (like our liquid soaps) we have a refill station.

We have re-formulated our soaps to take out palm oil and substitute with cocoa and shea butter and castor oil.  We have always made our soaps using sustainable palm oil and had a range without palm oil but have decided to make all of them this way.

I’m working on a vegan moisturiser that doesn’t contain emulsifying wax. I've been watching cooking videos where they use lecithin to combine oil and water so have been formulating with this.  So far so good, just trying it with different oils and making sure it won’t separate out in warm temperatures. 




Corrynne's are sharing the love with Humidity customers!

Enter HUMIDITY10 at checkout for a 10% discount of your order. 
Check out our favourite products below & explore their beautiful range here 


Fuller’s Earth Mud Mask 

With clay harvested from Lake Neeramyne in Western Australia this facemask gently draws out impurities, improves circulation and skin tone. A must-have to your weekly skin routine!


Rose Facial Serum

This one is perfect for delicate or damaged skin. A deeply penetrating serum to use morning and night. Rose has been used for hundreds of years for its anti-inflammatory & tissue regenerating properties. 


Evening Primrose Oil

Get that glow! This 100% cold pressed evening primrose oil helps prevent break-outs and acne. Rich in omega 6 fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid it reduces inflammation and brings out that healthy natural glow we all want. 


Lip Balm

We wish you could smell this one!
An all natural lip balm with a slight SPF to protect your lips from the sun just a tad more. We love that it has a high melt point allowing it to stay in our bag and is easy to grab for hot summer days. 



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