privacy policy

All information you provide us is confidential.
We do not offer it to any other parties – except the below listed.

Online Shopping.

We need your details in order to be able to invoice and ship the goods to you - your delivery details must be provided to the shipping company.
We collect email addresses at various site locations in order to send you order-related messages such as order confirmation and shipment confirmation notices.

Future range development and marketing.

In order to grow our brand we use the information you provide through your online purchases and feedback to gather stats and info so we have a better gauge of what our customers like to buy.

We use “Cookies” 

These little bits of information are automatically stored on your computer. If you do not want to have cookies on your system, you can opt to set your browser to disable them.

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Our newsletter program is designed to keep you in touch with the brand while
not bombarding you with useless information.
If we’re going to the effort of sending you a newsletter we want you to read it.

We will share the following via our newsletter:

New releases.
Key products.
VIP discounts and early access to new releases.
Sales promotions

Please feel free to unsubscribe from any communications using
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We do not disclose the data we collect from you to third parties in the normal course of business. We may release this data if we consider it necessary to comply with the law or protect the rights and property of Humidity Design or others.

Credit card or other payment information is not shared with third parties except for the purposes of processing payment for products and services you’ve ordered and as required by law.