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cotton, organic cotton & cotton voile.

A versatile and 100% biodegradable natural fiber. This classic fabric carries a range of qualities that make it a great choice for both comfort and sustainability.

Durable: Cotton can withstand the test of time, ensuring your investment in quality.

Hypoallergenic: Its hypoallergenic properties make cotton a top pick for those with sensitive skin.

Breathable: Cotton's natural breathability allows air to circulate freely through the fabric, making it perfect for hot summer days. It helps regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable in the heat.


Organic Cotton: Cultivated through eco-conscious farming practices and water-efficient methods. Organic cotton offers a chemical-free alternative that's not only kinder to your skin but also to the planet.


Cotton Voile: A delicate, lightweight and fine fabric with an airy weave that allows for excellent air circulation - an ideal fabric for warm weather.

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linen & french flax linen

A sustainable fabric suitable for all-year wear. Keeping you cool in the heat and cosy when it's chilly. Linen is a planet-friendly option, as it's made from flax plants that need very little water and absorb CO2 from the air.

This fabric is a forever friend - it lasts for years if you take good care of it and gets softer with each wash. And don't fret about those charming wrinkles – they're a sign of high-quality linen.

What is the difference between French Flax Linen and Linen?
Thanks to France's ideal growing conditions the flax plant can grow at its peak and produce the highest quality linen on the market.

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Viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber. It’s derived from the natural source of wooden pulp but does require some chemical manufacturing. It’s a popular fabric due to being silk-like to the touch and adding and beautiful drape in garments. It’s also breathable, durable and blends well with other woven fabrics, such as linen. 

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acrylic blends

At Humidity we're committed to delivering knitwear that marries quality, durability, and style. Our acrylic blends play a vital role in achieving this trifecta. Adding an acrylic element provides added sturdiness to the fabric, making it more resilient to everyday wear. In addition to extending the garment's lifespan, it also maintains the knit's shape and original beauty. Plus, by incorporating acrylic into our cotton and wool knits, we ensure a lower pilling result.

We always prioritise the use of recycled synthetic fibres and are actively advocating and educating our makers to source us more environmentally friendly options.

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our cotton & cashmere blend

This unique combination blends the softness of cashmere with the breathability of cotton resulting in an ultra-soft fabric that's both gentle on the skin and perfect for year-round wear. Allowing your skin to breathe even in the warmer months, without being too heavy or hot.

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