The Humidity crew are a creative, happy, dedicated bunch who enjoy creating timeless pieces that can be worn from one season to the next. 
Our genuine love of natural fibres is at the forefront of our design and planning, and we order and produce mindfully.

The purpose behind every design is of course YOU, our customers in all your different shapes, sizes, and genuine natural beauty. It gives us the greatest pleasure designing for you!


We design with purpose and longevity in mind at our HQ in Western Australia.

Before we commit to production every piece is reviewed, the measurements are double and triple checked. We measure, fit test and then revaluate quality, colour, fabric wash and trims.

Every detail matters, and it is this attention to detail that defines our dedication to sustainable practices.

By prioritising timeless designs, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint, ensuring that each creation is not just a garment to love for a long time but also a responsible step towards a more sustainable future.


We believe less is more.

We do not mass produce or follow seasonal trends.

Every piece is designed to be worn day-to-day, and each collection is created in small quantities to prevent over-production. This keeps our waste to a minimum, and our products more exclusive for you.


We are committed to responsible, sustainable manufacturing.

Initial design and development are completed in house at our HQ in Australia where we spend countless hours researching and sourcing before we commence designing for the next season. Sampling and production are manufactured overseas – we work six to twelve months in advance. Our strict QC and design guidelines with all makers, ensures we know what exactly what your garments are made of, how they are made and who is making them.

We work closely with makers in China and India because each of these countries and each manufacturer, specializes in a different area or technique. Great makers are key to our success, so we ensure the way they run their factories is in line with our own business values. It is important to us that everyone involved in creating Humidity pieces has a safe working environment and is treated fairly and respectfully.

Quality product comes from quality makers, and it takes a great deal of time to establish and build strong connections.  We are constantly updating, teaching and encouraging them to embrace new methods to reduce environmental impact. Many of these businesses like us, are family operated, we deeply value the great work they do and the bonus of the wonderful friendships we have made and are still making on the journey!

our fabrics

Learn more about the fabrics we use via our Fabric Guide.

fabric guide


A small thing but a big thing!

We don't include spare buttons on your garments for good reason and its definitely not because we are trying to be stingy.

Spare buttons have a huge environmental impact if they are not required. In most cases they are not required - so we made a decision as part of our commitment to save the planet on a very small scale,  to order buttons in and send them out if required.

We have plenty, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you need one. We know its a little inconvenient but we think its worth it!


90% of our packaging is made from sustainable or recycled materials.

Each of our individual garment bags are made from cornstarch that’s 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and backyard compostable. These bags are very expensive but worth every cent!

Every Humidity swing tag is created from 100% recycled paper. Once you’re done with your Humidity swing tag remove the rope attached to the tag and recycle it with paper and cardboard.

We recycle all our cardboard cartons when stock arrives from overseas by immediately using these cartons to send goods out to our lovely stockists.
Any damaged cartons go in our recycling bin.

We use recycled paper to print invoices and documents and all our web packaging is made from recycled paper, even the stickers we use!

Our post bags are made from recycled materials. For returns we ask people to turn these inside out and use the other side when returning web stock.

All orders are shipped in custom made, 100% cotton net bags. Please use this bag instead of single-use plastics for your shopping and groceries. They also make great beach bags!


Help us keep the earth a little cleaner.

Our clothes are designed and made to last a lifetime, so if the time comes that you are ready to part with your Humidity items, please keep them out of landfill and donate to charity organisations.

We recommend gifting your Humidity pieces to someone who will be able to enjoy them, donating them to charity or if you reach out to us, we will happily recommend our favourite recycling services in your area.

our samples & seconds store

We never throw away our samples or faulty items.

Instead, we clean and repair any faults and sell them direct to the public at a discounted price from our Head Office.

You can visit our Showroom & Sample Sale all year round at:
Unit 5, 56 Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough, Western Australia.


Open times:
Mon - Thu: 8am - 5pm
Fri: 8am-4pm
Weekends: Closed but open occasionally when time permits.

Current season pieces are not available at our showroom.
They are available at our local stockists or can be purchased online.
Local pick-up is not available on weekends.


Humidity are committed to giving back to the community and dedicated to supporting charitable causes close to our hearts.

Any samples or seconds that we no longer have use for are donated to charitable initiatives or recycled.